Foreign students are an integral part of the modern education system in Kazakhstan. Foreign students are the conductors of the Kazakh language and the traditions of Kazakh culture in their countries. The presence of foreign students in our academy demonstrates the demand of our academy, increases the KazAST rating. Foreign students have been educated within the walls of KazAST for many years. Students from such countries as: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, China study at KazAST.

The academy creates favorable conditions for obtaining a decent education: there is a scientific library, a faculty of sports and tourism, various development clubs, and sports sections. KazAST provides foreign students with places in a hostel. Almost all student hostels have all the necessary conditions.

Foreign students take an active part in the social and cultural life of the academy. Various events are held at the academy with the participation of foreign students: meetings, round tables, Olympiads, conferences and seminars. In case of necessity, academy conducts courses, to improve the knowledge of Kazakh, Russian, and English languages.

Information for foreign students

Admission of foreign students for 2021-2022 academic year