image008EBSCO is a leading provider of research databases, electronic journals, journal subscriptions, e-books and discovery services for libraries of all types. For over 70 years, we have cooperated with libraries to improve research with quality content and technology.

EBSCO Information Services is a subdivision of EBSCO Industries, Inc., one of the largest private and family owned companies in the United States. EBSCO Industries, Inc. has been in business since 1944. Starting with a small subscription agency, EBSCO quickly became a pioneer in the library services industry.

Through vision, action and innovation, EBSCO invests in librarianship to provide long-term growth in products, services and technology for our clients.


ЭБС IPRbooks —ELS IPRbooks is a unique resource, which combines licensed educational and scientific literature, periodicals, audiobooks, video courses, online tests in the areas of study implemented in our educational institution.

The ELS IPRbooksresourcecombines the latest information technologies and educational licensed literature, designed for different areas of study, with the help of which you can get the necessary knowledge, prepare for seminars, tests and exams, perform the necessary work and projects. For teachers, ELS IPRbooks will be useful in drawing up curricula and RPD, preparing and conducting classes, receiving information about new publications of colleagues.

The test access to the largest Russian full-text database – the Electronic Library System IPRbooks is open (


9090909 (Казахстан)

TheRepublicanInteruniversityElectronicLibrary (RIEL) combines full-text information resources of university libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. RIEL provides free and wide access to electronic libraries of universities in Kazakhstan, where full texts of textbooks, study guides, scientific, methodological materials and published articles of teaching staff are offered, in compliance with copyright.

808080808   (Украина)

The database of Library of International Sports Information is an electronic library on sports topics. The main task of LISI is to provide the user with the most complete and versatile information on each sport. The portal publishes news and reviews, reference books and methodological manuals, various scientific articles, official documents of sport organizations, textbooks and video lessons, rules and history of sports. One of the distinctive features of the LISI portal is that the site publishes electronic versions of periodicals about sports, including both regional and national editions and European sport magazines. All publications are presented in a modern and reader-friendly format – Flipping book (an option for reading the book from the screen with virtual page turning and the ability to search by content).

In addition to periodicals on the portal, you will find books and tutorials. Now the “books” section contains more than 160 different sports publications. The portal also publishes unique materials that are available only to LISI users.

Access to periodicals of Russia and to the magazine “Science in Olympic Sport”

Media review. (Russia) The archive of important publications is collected manually. Database with headings: 53 branches / 600 sources / 9 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews of 6000 top officials. Thousands of news daily, full text in Russian. A million of the best news stories from news agencies and business press in 15 years. Export to Word, sorting. Personal selections of stories and bookmarks are available from any user device. Internet services by industries and countries. is open from all computers in the library and the intranet. The link “Access from home” in the “header” of is available from the library ip-addresses.

303030303030 Elsevier —is one of the four largest publishing houses in the world, producing about a quarter of all articles from scientific journals published in the world annually. Founded in 1880 in Amsterdam (Netherlands), it has branches in the UK, USA, Brazil and other countries. It owes its name to the old Elsevier publishing house, which closed in the 1710s, although they are not directly related.

Elsevier publishes over 2,000 scientific journals containing about 250,000 articles per year. The publishing office owns such well-known magazines as The Lancet, Cell (English, Russian), books from the series of Grey’s Anatomy, Internet portal ScienceDirect, series of Trends (English, Russian) and Current Opinion (English, Russian). The company maintains a database of scientific periodicals and citations of Scopus. The archives of the publishing house contain about 7 million publications.

Elsevier provides access to archives of scientific articles for approximately 4,500 organizations and universities from 180 countries. Subscribers to Elsevier products constitute research centers around the world (universities, libraries, ministries and departments), as well as private corporations in Europe, America and Asia. More than 30 million scientists, students, specialists of various industries have access to the information of the publishing house. More than 240 million article downloads are produced annually



 ScienceDirect (Нидерланды)
 Designed to meet the polythematicinformation search needs of academia, education, business and government, ScienceDirect provides comprehensive literature coverage from all fields of science, providing access to over 2,500 journal titles and over 20,000 books from the Elsevier collection, as well as a huge number of journals published by prestigious scientific communities.
image267167508«Scopus»(SciVerse Scopus)(Нидерланды)

Bibliographic and abstract database and tool for tracking the citation of articles published in scientific journals. Indexes 18 thousand titles of scientific publications of 5 thousand publishers in technical, medical and humanitarian sciences. The database indexes scientific journals, conference proceedings and serial books. Scopus is developed and owned by Elsevier Publishing Corporation. The database is available on a subscription basis via a web interface. The search engine is integrated with the Scirus for searching of pages and patent database.


Web of Science (abbreviated as WoS) is a search platform that unites abstracts of publications and patents in scientific periodicals, including databases for mutual citation of publications. Thomson Reuters has been developing this citation index since April 2008. WoS provides information on all areas of knowledge, indexing: more than 12,000 magazines, 120,000 different conference materials, over 4 400 sites.

The vast majority of tasks for assessing the effectiveness of scientific research in the world are solved precisely on the basis ofWoS data. Although the Scopus database is growing faster than the WoS database, the latter benefits from the depth and volume of its archive, the careful selection of journals and, as a result, the greater authority of the journal indexes.

WoS has all the necessary elements of bibliographic content, such as information about the author, title of the document and source, abstracts of the authors and others. Thus, in the WoS database, you can easily find who, when and where cited a given author and his publication.