The Faculty of Olympic Sports implements the main undergraduate educational program 6В01401 “Physical Culture and Sports” corresponding to the requirements of the state educational standard of higher education.

The area of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the undergraduate program includes education in the field of physical education, sports, motor recreation and rehabilitation, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, management, research, performing skills.

Education at the faculty is carried out in full-time. The duration of the full-time program is 4 years.

Types of professional activities for which graduates of the faculty who have mastered the undergraduate program are preparing:

• pedagogical (main activity);

• coaching (main activity);

• organizational and management;

• research (main activity).

Graduates of faculty are always demanded and work in all spheres of the industry as sports coaches (sports school, sports clubs, sections of collectives of physical education, sports clubs for children and young people, Olympic Training Center, School of Higher Sportsmanship, national teams); physical education teachers of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, organizers and managers of physical movement (directors of sports schools, sports bases, employees of sports committees, sports federations) and other educational, methodological and regulatory documentation.

The organization of educational and methodological work at the faculty is aimed at improving the quality of training of specialists. To this end, the content of the training process is constantly being improved, computer technologies are being introduced into the educational and training process, students are forming a research style of thinking, modern information and educational technologies are being mastered, the forms and content of professional pedagogical practices are being improved.

In our faculty you can get a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in physical education and sports, which will allow you to work in both state and commercial structures.

In addition to academic work, faculty students take an active part in educational, sports, cultural and mass events.

The work of the faculty of Olympic sports was led by:

– since 1998, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Lyudmila Rasimovna   Kudashova;

– since February 2007, candidate of philological sciences Pyotr Dmitrievich Pominov;

– since November 2007, candidate of pedagogical sciences Kholdar Kambarovich Untaev;

– Since May 2009, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Dinara Kenzheevna Nurmukhanbetova;

– since September 2011, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Ryskul Boranovna Lesbekova;

– from February 2021, Sautov Rakhmet Tulimbaevich




Dean of the Faculty SouthovRakhmetTyulembayevich

In 1996 he graduated from Taldykorgan University named after I. Zhansugurov, specialty 0311 “Physical Culture” with the qualification “teacher of physical culture.”

In 1996, he was hired as an intern teacher at the Department of Physical Education of Taldykorgan University named after I. Zhansugurov.

1998-2014 lecturer, senior lecturer at the Department of Sports Disciplines, deputy dean of the Faculty of Culture and Art of Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov for academic work.

2014 to the present works at the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism

In the 2017-2018 academic year, he served as deputy dean of the Faculty of Olympic Sports of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism.

Since February 2019, he served as deputy head of the educational and methodological department.

Since September 05, 2019 he was appointed head of the department of football.

The author of 3 teaching aids and more than 20 scientific articles.


Deputy Dean of the Faculty Ibragimov Asset Yerbulovich

 In 2006 he graduated from KazAST, a graduate of the Department of Boxing and Weightlifting. In 2012, he was hired at KazAST at the Department of Boxing and Weightlifting as a teacher. In 2018, he graduated from the master’s degree in Physical Culture and Sports, where he was awarded a master’s degree in pedagogical sciences. During teaching, he was deputy head of the department of boxing and weightlifting, and was also responsible for the educational and methodological work of the department. In 2019, he was transferred as a senior lecturer to the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Physical Culture and Sports. Since March 2020, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Olympic Sports.


Methodist of the faculty Zholamanova Zhansaya Asylbekovna

 In 2016, she graduated from the UIAIDK. In 2016, he was hired by KazAST as a specialist in UMO.

  tel. +7(727) 292-24-21, Dekanat-fos@mail.ru