76289467294876Lesbekova Ryskul Boranovna – Dean of the Faculty of Olympic Sports, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.

In 1995-1998 – postgraduate student of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology of KazAST. From September 1, 1999 to July 30, 2000 – Senior Lecturer, from September 1, 2000 to July 20, 2008 – Associate Professor of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology.

Since 2008-2011, she was in charge of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology,

Since 2011 – Dean of the Faculty of Olympic Sports.

The Faculty of Olympic Sports carries out educational activity in accordance with the Charter of the Joint Stock Company “Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism”, approved on 31.05.2012. And the state license for the right to conduct higher and postgraduate professional education (AB series No. 0137383 dated 03.02.2010) on the specialty “FKiS”:

Bachelor’s degree:

– 5В010800 – “Physical culture and sport”

Master’s program:

– 6М010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport”

Doctoral studies:

– 6D010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport” from 29.04.2010.

The work of the faculty of Olympic sports was led by:

 – since 1998 Lyudmila Rasimovna Kudashova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor;

– since February 2007, Petr Dmitrievich Pominov, Candidate of Philology;

– since November 2007 the candidate of pedagogical sciences Khaldar Kambarovich Untaev;

– since May 2009 the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Dinara Kenzheevna Nurmukhanbetova;

 – since September 2011 Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Ryskul Boranovna Lesbekova.

 L.R. Kudashova and D.K. Nurmukhanbetova are holders of the state grant “The best teacher of the university” in 2006 and 2009.

Since May 21, 1998, training in the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports” was carried out on the basis of the reorganization of the former faculties of “Mass Sports” and “Sports Faculty” with the formation of three faculties: basic training, sports of higher achievements and physical education.

The faculties were established with the aim of preparing students on the basics of physical culture and sports for two years. After completing their studies at the basic faculty, students selected qualifications: “coach by sport” or “teacher of physical culture” and continued their studies at the third and fourth courses at the above faculties. Such forms of training functioned only for one academic year. Since August 18, 1999 due to the production need, all three faculties have been united in the faculty of sports and physical culture (since August 2001 – the faculty of “Physical Culture and Sports”).

On the WCF students study in 22 specializations: volleyball, basketball, handball, football, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, track and field athletics, rugby, skiing, figure skating, biathlon, speed skating, hockey, shooting, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, Sports acrobatics, fitness, exercise therapy and massage, billiards, fencing.

The modern development of scientific research in the field of sports has made it possible to identify two main areas – Olympic and professional sports. These directions in sports have their own specific areas of expertise. Principal differences are associated with the socio-legal, organizational, managerial, financial and economic activities, as well as the training system: selection, planning, structural construction and improvement of physical training. Given the current trend in the development of sports, the faculty of physical culture and sports was renamed the Faculty of Olympic Sports.

The organization of the educational process at the faculty is carried out in accordance with the academic calendar of the educational process, approved by the pro-rector for academic work. All disciplines of specialties are provided with working training programs developed on the basis of the State Educational Standards and TU. The content of the curriculum work programs is aimed at the fulfillment of the qualification requirements determined by the State Educational Standards and the TU for each specialty of preparation.

In addition to the work program that regulates the conduct of these activities, the CDS and the SRSP are provided with educational and methodological recommendations:

– methodical recommendations on writing course and diploma papers;

– methodological recommendations for conducting the practice;

– methodological recommendations for the implementation of the CDS and SRSP.

Each graduating department of the faculty has a methodical cabinet.

Control over the quality of students’ preparation at the faculty is carried out on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 125 dated March 18, 2008, with the amended “Rules for conducting current monitoring of academic performance, intermediate and final state certification of students in educational organizations”.

 The development of the faculty is carried out on the basis of the concept of the development of higher professional education.

Since 2013-14 academic year students of the faculty are trained in 6 educational programs:

– “Physical culture and sports of higher achievements”;

– “Physical culture and sports psychology”;

– “Physical Culture. Health Management “;

– “Physical Culture. Security activity “;

– “Physical Culture. Sport management “;

– “Physical Culture. Sports Journalism. “

There are 5 specialized academies at the FOS:

-Academy of gymnastics of Olympic champion Nelli Kim;

-Academy of skiing of the Olympic champion V.M. Smirnova;

– Academy of football of Timur Segizbayev;

-Academy of basketball Alzhan Zharmakhanov;

Academy of Volleyball Zomgar Jarkeshev.

At the opening of the Football Academy, the president of the Federation of Student Sports of Kazakhstan Kairat Kairullinovich Zakiryanov explained:

 “The establishment of academies is aimed at developing mass sports among children and young people, as well as creating a solid base for the training of professional athletes. The opening of the academies is aimed at making sports in Kazakhstan a matter of general state significance. “

For educational activities of students, undergraduates, doctoral students PhD faculty has a specialized educational and research base, where they carry out the preparation of graduate and dissertational works. Conducting scientific research (pedagogical observations and experiments) on various problems of the theory and methodology of sports training, the preparation of a sports reserve, health-improving physical culture, tourism is carried out in sports halls of KazAST, educational and methodical rooms of sports and pedagogical chairs and personal academies in gymnastics, basketball, football And skiing.

Fundamental and applied biomedical, biochemical and pedagogical studies carried out under the state order are carried out on the basis of the research institute of sports of KazAst, which has modern scientific research equipment that allows performing experimental studies both in laboratory and in natural conditions of motor Activities of athletes.

Research laboratories have material and technical support (computers, instruments, etc.) that comply with the current sanitary and technical standards and ensure the performance of research and experimental research work of students.

Discussion of educational work takes place at meetings of advisors councils of the faculty, operational meetings of the pro-rector on educational and sports work of the Academy with deans, deputy deans, heads of chairs, chairmen of the Committee on Youth Affairs and the student alliance.

In order to activate the educational work among the students in the specialty “FKiS” were held:

– meetings with public and state figures, representatives of culture, sports, national centers;

– meetings, meetings, questions and answers, debates, musical evenings, discos;

– Presentation of information material on various dates, etc.;

– organization of discussion clubs on interests, creative associations, dance groups, KVN, etc .;

– visits to concerts, performances, cultural trips to theaters and cinema, visits to museums, acquaintance with the monuments of history and culture of the city, participation in a TV show;

– Scientific student conferences, Olympiads, competitions of student scientific works;

– activities to involve students in volunteer work, including sports and volunteer activities;

– organization and participation in various sporting events and competitions.

Of great educational importance were meetings with the five-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Nelly Kim, Olympic basketball champion Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, the legend of Kazakhstan football Timur Segizbayev, Olympic champion in skiing Vladimir Smirnov. Of great importance for the younger generation was the holding in May 2011 of a scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the rector of KazIFK from the 50s to the 70s of the 20th century, Khamza Mukhamedzhanova, who made a great contribution to the formation and development of our university and Kazakh sports.

 One of the tasks of the educational work in KazAST is to carry out research in the sphere of state internal policy, to search for new effective forms of work with young people studying in the specialty “FKiS”. A special role here belongs to the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines of the Academy, introducing innovative courses in the curriculum, on the most pressing problems of citizenship, patriotism, tolerance, etc.

At the faculty, a major role is given to political and educational work. In order to promote and explain the annual messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan, the implementation of the provisions of the strategy “Kazakhstan-2030” and other important socio-political documents in the academy, round tables are held, dedicated to the topics: “Independent Kazakhstan. Democratic development “; “Building the future together”; “Sport is the key to successful development of Kazakhstan”; “Image of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the international arena”, etc. Student conferences are organized to discuss the main provisions of the messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan; Lectures-seminars and discussions on the discussion of the constitutional reform of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Important educational significance is the organization of state and national holidays at the faculty, which are positive factors that ensure the spiritual and cultural continuity of generations. In order to counteract the influence of extremist religious movements, the Academy conducts purposeful work: meeting students with representatives of the clergy, turkologists, religious scholars, sociologists, law enforcement officials. The contents of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Freedom of Religion and Religious Associations”, state policy regarding religious confessions and associations are explained, documentary films are demonstrated.

During the academic year, the faculty has sports sections for volleyball, basketball, football, handball, track and field, table tennis, tennis, sports and rhythmic gymnastics, cross-country skiing, swimming, fitness.

The students of the faculty in the last three years are the winners of the republican student subject Olympiad on “Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture”. The students of the faculty in 2011 were the prizewinners of the student’s olympiad of women’s health among the educational institutions of Almaty.

The students of the faculty take an active part in republican, city, regional cultural and sports events. Over sixty students were volunteers at the 2011 Winter Asian Games, 15 of them were awarded with the commendation letters of the organizing committee. Our students took an active part in PR campaigns dedicated to the World Universiade-2017.

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Specializations: basketball, tennis, biathlon, volleyball, cycling, billiards, fencing, handball, speed skating, track and field athletics, skiing, exercise therapy and massage, swimming, rugby, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, shooting, sport acrobatics, figure skating , Football, hockey, fitness.