One of the main indicators of increasing the internationalization of educational and scientific processes in KazAST is the attraction of foreign professors from leading foreign universities to deliver lectures, develop joint educational programs, conduct scientific research, guide as foreign scientific advisers for our PhD doctoral students, participate in scientific events.

In KazAST, work is carried out on an ongoing basis to attract foreign scientists by prior agreement with partner universities and the needs of the academy.

The involvement of scientists is carried out for the purpose of professional development of the teaching staff of the Academy, as well as to provide advice on various academic and scientific issues.

During the last years of study, the following scientists were invited:

  1. Ulrich Hartmann February – professor of the University of Leipzig, specialty “Physical education and sport”;
  2. Ronald Maughan and Susan M Shirreffs – professors from the University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom), specialty “Physical education and sport”;
  3. Platonov Vladimir Nikolaevich and Bulatova Marina Mikhailovna – professors from the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.
  4. Mehmet Guoglu – professor of Gazi University (Republic of Turkey) with a degree in Physical culture and sport;
  5. Lyubov Skavronskaya– PhD doctor of Griffith university, Queensland with a degree in Tourism.
  6. Smolensky A.V. – professorof the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism (Moscow);
  7. Gunina L.M. – professor of the National Anti-Doping Center, (Ukraine).

Dusenko S.V.  – professor of  the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism (Moscow) in the specialty “Tourism”;