The registry office of the bachelor degree is one of the main structural divisions of the university. The activities of the Registry Office are carried out in accordance with these Regulations and other regulatory and legal acts regulating the educational process.

The main activities of the Registry Office: • improvement of the credit system of education;• implementation and development of a point-rating system;• introduction of documentation on the credit system of education;• work with tutors and advisors;• providing information on educational achievements and credit technology to students, tutors and administrations;• organization of the testing system in accordance with the mandatory educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;• ensuring the quality of the activities for the assessment of knowledge and certification of students; • control of filling the student’s correctness of information in the database and updating the PR information system;• input in the database of orders on student composition (for enrollment, dismissal, restoration, transfer to other universities, from other universities, about going on academic leave, changing names);• control over loading in the database ЕMСD (educational and methodical complexes of disciplines);• preparation and conduct of pilot testing for the EACS (external evaluation of educational achievements);• control over the completion of state reporting forms in the Unified Management System (unified system of management of higher education);

  • entry into the database of standard curricula and QED, academic calendars for all specialties;
  • input into the database of pedagogical load of teachers;
  • formation of individual educational trajectories of students;
  • assignment of academic calendars to each student;
  • formation of academic groups in the database;
  • preparation, issuance, registration and storage of rating, examination and final statements;
  • control over the introduction into the database of student rating and examination points;

• organizing and conducting examination sessions according to the approved academic calendar;• organization of the work of the appeal commissions and ensuring the safety of the minutes of the meetings of the appeal commissions;• determination of the student’s academic rating (GPA) based on the results of the final control;• issuance of summary statements of students on the results of the session for the formulation of orders for scholarships;• control over the preparation of orders for the assignment of students to state scholarships;• organization of the summer (additional) semester in order to eliminate academic debts;

  • control over the preparation of orders on transfer points (GPA) from one course to another;
  • checking and entering the student transfer into the database; • registration of the entire history of student learning;
  • monitoring the quality of students’ knowledge;
  • a monthly report at the MES RK on the results of the examination session (form No. 34);
  • entry into the database of theses;
  • input to the database of grades for the state exam, the defense of the graduation project and the final state certification;

• transcript preparation;• preparation of applications for diplomas;• ensuring the safety of educational and organizational documentation on the credit technology of education in accordance with the nomenclature and transfer to the archive in accordance with the established deadlines. The office of the undergraduate registry in its work is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Regulations on the organization of the educational process in KazAST on credit technology of education”, as well as this provision.