An important factor in ensuring the quality of education and guaranteeing sustainable development is the continuous improvement of the material, technological and information resources of KazAST. The Academy has created all the necessary conditions for training and improving athletic skills, conducting scientific research, publishing research results for PPS, undergraduates, students and employees.

The educational process at the academy is carried out in the main educational building, where there are ten gyms, one dining room, two stadiums, as well as in the educational and hotel complex. For residence of nonresident students, the Academy has a hostel with 320 seats, a total area of 2552.6 square meters. The number of classrooms is 76, the number of laboratories is 1. The total area of buildings and structures in the Academy is 29,871 square kilometers. M.

In the main educational building there are 10 lecture halls, 46 lecture rooms for practical and seminar classes, 5 computer classes, 3 reading rooms, 1 electronic reading room, 2 lecture rooms and 4 lecture rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Indicators of the state of the auditor fund and the provision of sports equipment meet the regulatory requirements and conditions of quality provided by the Academy of Educational Services. All departments are equipped with the latest laptops with high performance and mobile projectors.

The local area network (LAN) is a modern high-speed, high-performance structure with more than 6 km of a network cable of the 6th category with a data rate of up to 2 Gbit / s intra-local. The speed of Internet connection is 35 Mbps.

The computer science park of the Academy totals 253 units of equipment. 130 personal computers and laptops operate on the basis of Intel i3 and i5 processors of the latest generation and are used to support the work of teaching staff and students.

Thus, over the past 5 years, there has been an increase in the provision of the educational process with computer equipment, which is associated with the opening of specialized offices, access to the Internet.

         The library of the university has a total area of 164.7 square meters of reading halls, including: a student hall – for 58 seats, for PPS – for 20 seats, a reading room №3 for 22 seats, an office for undergraduates and doctoral students – 12 seats, internet hall – 40 seats. The total capacity of the reading rooms of the Academy today is 182 seats. In addition, an agreement was concluded for information and library services with the library of the ASU, which have reading rooms for 450 seats.

Sports and training bases of the Academy

         In a short time, the financial support and human resources of KazAST was improved and improved. Under the leadership of President Kazast, Professors K.K. Zakiryanov’s budget grew sevenfold, and today it is more than one billion tenge per year. All the earned money Joint-stock company “KazAST” invests in improving the material and technical and sports facilities. Only in recent years over 200 million tenge have been invested in the construction and repair.

         A lot of work has been done to improve the material and technical base at such large facilities as the stadiums Alash (formerly Lokomotiv), Khan Tengri (the former Medic), a specialized gym, the sports and ski base Kaimar, Hotel on the street. Markov, a recreation area at the Kapchagai Reservoir, a museum of sports and Olympic glory.

In 2012, the construction of a sports hall was completed for the development of winter sports at the sports and ski base in the village of Bes-Kainar in Talgar District. In the hotel, which is located on this base, there are 14 one-room apartments. All rooms are equipped with furniture and other necessary accommodation.

In 2013, the weightlifting hall was built and the territory of the courtyard was refined. The hall is equipped with modern sports equipment, it has all the facilities for students of the Academy.

Much attention was paid to the development of the material and technical base of the faculty of tourism. In order to conduct production practice and practical training in 2015, the hotel was renovated and overhauled on the street. Timiryazev. There are 13 single rooms in the hotel. In order to further develop mountain and sports tourism, the Academy has built the largest indoor training and climbing wall in Kazakhstan for classes in climbing techniques in mountain tourism.



Ski Resort “Kaimar”

The ski resort is located in a picturesque place and 32 km from Almaty. The base is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, which contributes to the early start of the season and late completion. The hotel has 14 single rooms: 3 four-bed, 5 triple and 6 double. Rooms for comfort and convenience of visitors are equipped with furniture.



Water-sport base “Kapchagai”

In 2004, by decision of the city Akimat of Kapchagai, a land plot of 0.2942 hectares was transferred to the private property of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism under a sports recreation center.

         The sports base is 70 km away. From Almaty in 3 km. From the city of Kapchagai. At present, 3 cottages with a total area of 313.1 m² for 30 places are built on the territory of the base, a pier, a dining room with 40 seats, and auxiliary rooms are equipped for recreation.

 The sports base “Kapchagai” provides an affordable rest for students, teachers and all comers.

Sport and tourist base “Gorelnik”


The sports and tourist base Kazast – Gorelnik, located in the Maloalmatinskiy gorge at an altitude of 1950 m above sea level, is perhaps the oldest not only in the Almaty region, but in the whole of our republic.

Swimming pool KazAST


The pool building is three-storeyed, the bath is suspended, on the ground floor there is a medical office. On the second floor there are locker rooms and showers for athletes, a sauna and a recovery center. On the third floor there are two sports halls for dry swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.



         The area of the pool building is 2224 m². The length of the pool is 25 meters, width is 12.5 meters, in the main bath there are six swimming tracks. In the shallow part of the basin, the depth is 1.2 m, at a deep 3.3 m. This allows the training of swimming for beginners and already experienced athletes. There is a tower 5 m high for jumping into the water.

Stadium “Alash”

The total area of the stadium “Alash” is 7 hectares. On this territory today there are three football fields of standard size, track and field athletics track, long jump sector and throwing sector, as well as a two-story educational building. In the building there are equipped educational and methodical rooms of the military department and the department of sports games, a gym, and also halls for fitness, boxing, wrestling and taekwondo.

         The stadium conducts training and training classes in the game sports: football, rugby and track and field athletics. Access to the stadium is open to residents of the city. The sports multi-profile facility is popular with Almaty residents: children are brought to the section, they go to the gym, go for a morning run and play football.



Boxing Hall


Fight and Taekwondo Hall




Fitness room


Khan-Taniri Stadium


725135613Currently, the director of the stadium is Bauyrzhan Iambergenovich Talkibayev.

Up to 5000 students and athletes per year are trained at the Khan-Taniri stadium.

Game room named after Z. Jarkeshev


Hotel on the street. Markov in Almaty



Center for Strength Training (Hall of Weightlifting and Fitness)

         On the basis of the Academy of Sports and Tourism on February 7, 2013, a unique power center was created that united the weightlifting hall, which has six professional training platforms, and a gym with a full set of functional equipment for the power orientation and a cardio-zone (cycling bikes and professional running tracks).

         In the center there are conditions for weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, arm wrestling, mas – wrestling, kettlebell lifting, cross – fitness, weight correction and figure building, as well as strength training programs. Functional patency of the power center allows you to train in all of the above disciplines at the same time, without interfering with the conduct of training for any of the listed sports.

The center’s base is 350 square meters. Meters, which allows to conduct open championships of the Academy in weightlifting, powerlifting and many other power disciplines.

 The area of the power center is divided into three conditional zones:

– zone of weightlifting and powerlifting (6 weightlifting platforms);

– zone of stationary stationary simulators for all muscle groups (more than 30 stationary stationary simulators);


Two-time Olympic champion, five-time world champion, doctoral candidate of the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism Ilya Ilyin and President of KazAST, Professor Kairat Zakiryanov cut a ribbon at the inauguration of the Center for Strength Training.



  1. Center of rehabilitation and recreation of a person named KAZAS named after Marzia Zakiryanova


        The Center for Human Rehabilitation and Recreation was established in the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism to solve a complex of health problems and specializes in the rehabilitation of diseases and injuries of the spine and musculoskeletal system (ODD) of a person. A distinctive feature of the center is the accounting, in the process of rehabilitation, of the results of biomechanical analysis of pathology and its elimination by biomechanical correction methods with the help of available specialists. For the treatment of the spine, joints, hernias, scoliosis recovery, rehabilitation and biomechanical correction center has special installations of the latest generation, exhaust devices and other specialized equipment.





12.Skalodrom of KazAST.

          Closed training climbing wall in the Academy of Sports and Tourism was opened in 2012. Its area is 366 m2, which allows conducting such kinds of competitions as “Difficulty”, “Speed”, “Bouldering” and “Tournament all-around”. The climbing wall with an artificial relief is the largest similar structure in Almaty. With the advent of a full-fledged climbing wall in KazAST, students began to receive specialization in “rock climbing” in the specialties “Physical Culture and Sport” and “Tourism”.