The summer semester is an integral part of the educational process at the academy and is organized according to the academic calendar for the purpose of additional education; elimination of academic debt or difference in curricula, study of academic disciplines, increase in the average grade point (GPA) and the development of loans by students of other educational organizations.

The duration of the summer semester is 6 weeks, of which 5 weeks are theoretical training and 1 week is final control (examination week).

The summer semester is organized for all students (both students on a paid basis, and for holders of an educational grant).

In some cases, it is allowed to introduce the second summer semester by order of the Rector.

Registration for the summer semester is organized by the Registrar’s Office for students of all courses except for the graduate course.

In the summer semester, 20 credits are allowed.

Education in the summer semester is carried out only on a paid basis.

Based on the results of the summer semester, the final grade is again calculated for students.

Categories of students to participate in the summer semester:

– rated “unsatisfactory” according to the results of the examination sessions;

– remaining for a second course of study;

– not allowed to take exams based on the results of rating control;

– having an academic difference during restoration, transfer from another university and return from academic leave;

– do not have the required transfer score;

– wishing to master additional disciplines;

– students from other universities.

The dean’s office grants the student the right to participate in the summer semester to study additional courses if the student is transferred to the next course without academic debts.

The procedure for processing documents for participation in the summer semester is carried out by the Registrar’s Office on the basis of a student’s application or a presentation by the dean of the faculty.