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November 29, 2018 The Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism hosted a meeting with Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the TV program “Asylrna”, dedicated to the article of the head of the state “Seven facets of the great steppe”. The President of the Academy, K.K.Zakiryanov, First Vice-Rector M.Z. Eskaliev, teachers and students took partAt this meeting, organized by the Academy’s media center.

The media center often organizes such meetings with famous poets and writers, prominent journalists and representatives of art and science. In discussing the article of Elbasy, M. Tazabekov focused on the most important points, namely, solving the problems of forming a civic position among the younger generation

During the meeting, participants showed a genuine interest in traditions and values that have survived to our days. Especially the students were delighted with the interesting conversation of M. Tazabekov. He emphasized the importance of the continuity of the generation for the further development and achievement of new heights in all spheres of life. Obviously the influence of this meaningful meeting with a famous person.

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