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Journalism is one of the most interesting professions

     On November 1, a creative meeting was held in KazAST with Zhuldyz Abdilda, deputy director of ZhasOrken LLP, and editor of the Ulan newspaper. Together with her we were visited by Ilyas Sarsenbay, a young sports journalist, who graduated from school and has already achieved considerable heights in the field of sports journalism.

For us, the students, it was very useful to listen and take part in this meeting, since journalism is our additional education.

Personally, me, a second-year student at the Faculty of Olympic Sports, nothing motivates as a live meeting with famous personalities of a particular profession. So much guidance and information, and most importantly, it is personal experience that they share.

It was amazing how Ilyas, who is much younger than us, behaved felt himself very comfortable. It turned out that from the third grade he became interested in sports, was a regular viewer of the TV channel “El Arna”. Although he was not engaged in professional sports, he always willingly followed sports news. He was especially inspired by the commentators of the channel, which encouraged him to choose a career in journalism. Ilyas spoke as an experienced professional, tried to describe sports journalism as widely as possible and arouse interest in her, I think, he did it great.

I realized how much depends on the presentation of the prepared material, the objectivity of information, for example, in boxing and wrestling, our country got used two gold medals at the World Championships and other major competitions, and for gymnastics going to the finals at the same competitions is a great success, therefore this should be taken into account, not pointing on medals and especially appreciate the hard work of athletes of all kinds.

I came to the conclusion that Journalism is one of the most interesting professions with a multitude of areas that extraordinary personalities should deal with. Concluding my article, I would like to quote the words of genius Nazim Hykmet: “If I don’t burn, if you don’t burn, if we don’t burn, how will darkness come to light??”.