The purpose of the Educational and Methodical Department of the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism is to manage the educational and methodical process and systematically improve it on the basis of modern technologies and teaching aids that improve the efficiency of the educational process and the quality of teaching students of all specialties.

The main tasks

– planning, organization and management of the educational-methodical process of the Academy on the basis of the credit technology of education

– monitoring the improvement of the effectiveness of the educational process and the quality of education through the introduction of new learning technologies, the use of information technologies;

– development of internal regulatory and guidance materials aimed at improving the educational process;

– continuous development of educational programs of the Academy for all types of training;

– coordination of work on the development of modular educational programs in the specialties of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, the preparation of working curricula;

– coordination of educational and methodological work of faculties, departments and other units to ensure the educational process;

– organization of educational and methodical process (together with deans of faculties);

– organization of work on the development and implementation of educational programs;

– organization and conduct of all types of practices of undergraduate specialties;

– control over the organization and conduct of final certification of students;

– timely response to changes and additions made to regulatory documents;

– coordination of educational documentation with the regulatory framework established by the state and the Academy and control over compliance with established standards ( WCP , calculation of hours, schedule of the educational process, individual teaching staff plans, lesson schedules);

– organization of the educational process with teaching, informational materials for all specialties;

– the staffing of the faculty for the academic year in conjunction with the faculties and the personnel department, accounting and current regulation of the dynamics of teaching staff;

– determination of the need for part-time teachers, accounting and distribution of an hourly fund;

– at odd, distribution and monitoring of the academic load of departments and teachers;

– in couples of the movement of the contingent of students ;

– a search and control of all types of practices in all areas and specialties;

– to the coordination of work on the educational and methodological support of the educational process.

The EMD includes:

– DSP;

 – Student Department;

 – Practice;

 – Employment opportunity;

– Control room for the coordination of training schedules.

Name Position Contactdetails, emailaddress
1 Suleimenova Gulfariza Abatbekovna The head of the EMD 8(727) 292-20-21,


2 Sautov Rakhmet Tulembaiyevich Deputy head 8(727) 278-45-59,


3 Mutaliyeva Dariga Kenesovna Specialist dispatcher 8(727) 278-45-59
4 Bekisheva Ainagyl Tarapovna Student Department specialist 8(727) 292-20-21
5 Bizhanova Tat’yana Viktorovna Specialist statistician 8(727) 292-20-21,


6 Nygmet  Mart Specialist 8(727) 292-20-21,


7 Essenbayeva Gulnaz Ergeshovna Service center specialist 8(727) 292-20-21,


8 Rayev Berikbol Sergalievich Specialist in practice 8(727) 292-20-21,


9 Tagayeva Aliya Nurlanovna Employment monitoring specialist 8(727) 292-20-21,