Educational and methodical work of the Department of Theoretical foundations of physical culture and sports

Educational and methodological work at the department is carried out in accordance with the state standard of education. The department has all the documentation related to organizational and methodological work, in particular, minutes of meetings of the department, minutes of discussion of open classes, protocols of mutual visits, annual reports, individual plans of teachers, distribution of academic workload and statements of its implementation.

The pedagogical process is carried out using credit technology, the entire educational and methodological complex of disciplines has been developed on the basis of a TUE, a working curriculum and a catalog of elective disciplines (at the student’s choice).

To date, the department carries out the educational process at a high scientific and methodological level in more than 20 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral PhD disciplines. In addition, the department provides training for specialists in two educational trajectories: “Physical culture and sports psychology” and “Physical culture and sports management”.

The department consists of 4 doctors of pedagogical sciences, professors of the Higher Attestation Commission, 9 candidates of pedagogical Sciences, 4 PhD doctors, 5 teachers are studying at the doctoral program of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism: Brimkulova A.D., Baltina A.S., Ibragimov A.E., Kopzhanov G.B., Tokareva S.V. Senior lecturer of the department Zhidovinova A.V. is defending her dissertation for a PhD degree at the National Sports Academy. Vasil Levski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

УМР кафедры ТОФКиС

Teaching staff of the department actively introduce new technologies into the educational process.  All PS use the Platonus platform, Google technologies, including Google sites, slide lectures performed in the PowerPoint program, video lectures on all subjects read are recorded.

According to the approved schedule, in order to exchange experience and improve professional skills, open classes are held, and mutual visits of the teaching staff of the department are carried out.

In order to enhance students’ cognitive activity, improve the quality of teaching, optimize and intensify the educational process, teachers creatively introduce innovative technologies and active teaching methods. The teaching staff uses interactive teaching methods in conducting various forms of classes. Taking into account the specifics of the bachelor’s and master’s degree disciplines, the project-based teaching method is widely used in the educational process.      Lectures are conducted using demonstration materials and modern technical training tools. Practical and seminar classes are conducted using interactive methods: brainstorming, discussions, conversations, brain-ring, “Decision Tree”, “Aquarium”, “Pass the problem”, “Six hats”, etc.

УМР кафедры ТОФКиС (1)

At the meetings of the department, the quality of work programs for the next academic year (June), the thematic plan for the publication of scientific and educational literature (October), the availability of educational and methodological literature in the disciplines of the specialty, the quality of examination materials (November, April), open and attended classes are discussed.

УМР кафедры ТОФКиС (2)

One of the main indicators of increasing the internationalization of educational and scientific processes at KazAST is the involvement of foreign professors from leading foreign and domestic universities to give lectures, develop joint educational programs, conduct scientific research, and participate in scientific events.

In recent years, the following scientists have been invited:

  1. Golubeva Galina Nikolaevna – PhD, Professor of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism;
  2. Platonov Vladimir Nikolaevich and Bulatova Marina Mikhailovna – professors of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine
  3. Rimantasa Mikalauskas – Professor at the Lithuanian University of Sports
  4. Mukhamedyarova Rosa – Sports Manager of the Judo Wrestling Federation
  5. Peteliulene Snegina – Professor at the Lithuanian University of Kaunas
  6. Erdal Zorba – President of the Turkish Association of Mass Sports, Professor at Gazi University, Ankara

The teaching staff of the department are the heads of the professional practice of students of 1-4 courses.

Professors and teachers of the department have developed and published many different textbooks, scientific papers, methodological guidelines and monographs in the state and Russian languages.

The number of textbooks, teaching aids, educational and methodological developments published by the teachers of the department over the past 5 years is reflected in Table No. 1.

Table 1 – The number of published textbooks, manuals, teaching aids and monographs for 2019-2024.

Год издания Учебники Учебное пособие Учебно-методическое пособие Монография
1 2019 1 2    
2 2020   2   1
3 2021   2    
4 2022 1      
5 2023   1   1