Department of Personnel Management and office management

The Department of Personnel Management and Office Management is an independent structural division of the Academy.

Functions of the Department of Personnel Management and Office Management:

Ensuring the professional development of personnel, including through the organization of internships, training, retraining, advanced training of employees and teaching staff in accordance with the established deadlines;
Accounting of personnel, maintenance and storage of established personnel documentation; issuance of certificates on the present and past work activities of employees, as well as preparation of materials for the presentation of incentives and awarding of departmental and state awards;
Analysis of the composition, study of the business and professional qualities of the Academy’s employees in order to select personnel to fill vacant positions and create a reserve for promotion;
Recruitment of the Academy staff with highly qualified specialists on a competitive basis;
Participation in the work of the certification and qualification commissions;
Organization and control of the state of professional development, professional training and retraining of specialists and workers;
Ensuring the safety of workbooks of employees of the enterprise;
Determine the personnel needs of the Academy, selecting employees together with the heads of departments;
Prepare the staff schedule of the Academy;
Analyze staff turnover, finding methods to effectively combat the problem of turnover;
Perform a set of operations with workbooks;
Draw up personal files of employees, issuing copies and certificates of documents at the request of employees;
Organize employee appraisals, drawing up career plans in the team;
Keep a record of holidays, making a schedule and registering holidays in accordance with the norms of labor legislation.

Head of Department of Personnel Management and Office Management Chimirova Ramilya
Cell phone: 8(702)922-29-55

Work phone number:8(727)292-37-21