Public Association “Alumni and partners of the Joint Stock Company Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism”

At present, when the intensive development of the Olympic sports and sports of the highest achievements makes high demands on the coaching staff, an innovative approach to the organization of their professional training is needed. In the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism in the 2017-18 school year, the Public Association “Alumni and partners of KazAST” was established (Certificate of state registration of a legal entity on November 27, 2017).

The main activities of the Public Association “Graduates and partners of KazAST” are.

Active participation in the formation and implementation of the state policy in the field of physical culture and sports pedagogical education.

Satisfaction of social, cultural, educational, scientific needs of members of the association, as well as persons whose activities are aimed at achieving public goods and promoting the interests of society in the field of culture, science and education.

Assistance and preservation of the traditions of KazAST.

Establishment and development of contacts between graduates of KazAST.

Creation of corporate spirit among graduates to strengthen and develop the prestige of KazAST.

Participation in the development and implementation of the strategic program for the development of KazAST.

Maintaining the initiatives of KazAS graduates aimed at strengthening new directions in culture, science and education.

Support in strengthening of all-round cooperation of KazAST with cultural, scientific, educational, sports and public organizations in Kazakhstan and beyond.

Establishment and maintenance of contacts with similar international organizations, exchange of delegations and working groups, work experience and information.

Organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, round tables, meetings, discussions, competitions and other thematic events with the involvement of leading scientists and leading specialists for this, both on a permanent and temporary basis.

Charitable activities of the Public Association, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Public association “Alumni and partners of the Joint Stock Company Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism”

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