Research work of students of the Department of Winter difficult-technical sports

Active participation in research work are students, undergraduates who perform theses and master’s theses. At the annual conferences of the faculty and students of the Academy were presented reports Avsievich V.N., Mkhambet Zh.S., Plakhuta G.A., Delver PA, undergraduates Kondratenko S.A., Babakova I.V. and other teachers.

Every year, the department submits to the Republican contest student and master scientific works. In the competitions from 2014 to 2018, the winners were undergraduates of the department who were awarded diplomas MES RK.

Beisenov A.M. – 2014 diploma of 2 degrees.

Kanapyanov Z.S., Shepetkova V.I. – 2015 diplomas 2 degrees.

Babakov I.V. – 2016 2nd degree diploma.

Pantov A.D. – 2017 3 degree diploma.

Dakhim I.V. – 2018 1st degree diploma.

Students of the department annually take part in the Republican Student Olympiad on the subject “Theory and methods of physical culture and sports”, where they regularly win prizes.