International relations

IR is a structural department of the Academy, created to organize the development of international cooperation in order to train international level specialists in the field of educational, research and public activities.


Objectives: organizing and coordinating the participation of the Academy in international cooperation programs that contribute to improving the quality of training of specialists, implementing joint research and, in general, increasing the prestige of the Academy at the international level.


  • participation in the formation and implementation of the policy of the Academy in the field of international and foreign economic relations;
  • formation and implementation of international projects and programs abroad and in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • development of international relations with educational institutions, foundations, and other organizations of foreign countries;
  • informational and organizational support of the Academy’s activities in the field of international relations and relations;
  • involvement of the teaching staff in international cooperation;
  • coordination of international cooperation of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the Academy with foreign partners;
  • implementation of current consulting and other assistance to students, departments and employees of the Academy;
  • organization of the work of foreign teachers at the Academy;
  • organization of training for students, undergraduates, doctoral students, internships for teachers and staff abroad;
  • organization of training for foreign students, undergraduates, doctoral students staying at the Academy under intergovernmental and interuniversity agreements, as well as on an individual basis.

IR performs the following functions:

  • preparation of programs, agreements and other documents in the field of international cooperation;
  • search, establishment and maintenance of relations with foreign partners, contributing to the improvement of the level of educational and scientific work;
  • organization and implementation of activities for the preparation, approval, conclusion, implementation of contracts, agreements, programs and other bilateral and multilateral documents in the field of international relations of the Academy;
  • interaction with international organizations and other representations of foreign countries on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on international cooperation;
  • interaction with educational institutions, consulates and representative offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in foreign countries on international relations, including the coordination, if necessary, of draft agreements on international relations of the Academy;
  • carrying out work to establish and develop relations between the Academy and foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations;
  • preparation of proposals for the participation of representatives of the Academy in events held by international associations, associations, higher educational institutions;
  • participation in the development of joint educational programs and research projects with foreign partners;
  • organization of participation of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teachers, researchers in programs of external and internal academic mobility, organization of international exchanges;
  • search and dissemination of information about foreign grants, exchange programs, foreign internships;
  • participation in the preparation and organization of international conferences, seminars, “round tables” with representatives of foreign universities and other organizations;
  • organizing trips abroad of delegations of the Academy at the invitation of foreign partners, as well as organizing the stay at the Academy of foreign delegations arriving at the invitation of the leadership of the Academy;
  • organization of admission of foreign students to the Academy on a paid basis;
  • organization of pre-university training of foreign students in Russian as a foreign language on the basis of the Academy;
  • assistance to the divisions of the Academy in the search for foreign partners in certain areas of international cooperation;
  • preparation of annual reports on the international activities of the Academy;
  • registration of foreign students.