The Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism has moved to a modern three-level system of training “Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral PhD.” The Magistracy of KazAST was opened in 1999, and today the Academy conducts training in the specialties “Physical Culture and Sport” and “Tourism”. The educational programs of the Master’s program are realized in two areas of training: profile and scientific and pedagogical.

The scientific and pedagogical magistracy realizes the educational programs of post-graduate training of personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research sector, which have in-depth scientific and pedagogical training.

The educational programs of the profile magistracy are aimed at developing managerial skills and providing training for professional managers (general managers on all aspects of managerial activities).

The structure of the magistracy educational program is formed from various types of educational and scientific work, practices that determine the content of education.

The normative duration of the development of the educational program

– scientific and pedagogical magistracy is 2 years;

– profile magistracy is 1 year.

Training in the magistracy is carried out only in full-time.

Every year foreign scientists invite lecturers to KazAst graduate students. Thanks to the extensive international contacts of the Academy, KazAst master students have the opportunity to go on internships to foreign universities.