History of the Department of Sports Games


The history of the department began to count its development since 1945, since the organization of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture and then the Faculty of Physical Education was formed. The emergence of the specialty “Physical culture” with the qualification “Teacher of physical culture, coach” created prerequisites for the development of physical culture and sports in Kazakhstan.

The first head of the department was A.I. Yashkichev, a wonderful specialist, a skillful organizer, and a teacher infinitely devoted to the sports movement.

In fact, in all types of sports games, KazAST students and graduates formed the basic basis of the national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Over the years of the department’s existence, a large number of highly qualified specialists have been trained, working both in our country and abroad, who are the sporting pride of Kazakhstan. Among the graduates of the department are 9 Honored Coaches of the USSR, 46 Honored coaches of Kazakhstan, 8 winners of world championships, 6 winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, 11 European champions, 25 USSR Cup winners, 14 European Cup winners, 14 Honored masters of sports, 56 masters of sports of international class. Currently, 5 masters of sports of international class, 30 masters of sports and about 50 candidates for masters of sports are studying at the department.

In 2001, the Department of Sports games united all sports (basketball, handball, volleyball, football, tennis, rugby, golf, checkers, chess, billiards) and outdoor games, the head of the department of ZTRK, Professor N.M. Ragozin.



Yashkichev Alexander Ivanovich

First Head of the Department


Ragozin Nikolai Mikhailovich ZTRK, Professor

  Head of the department (2001-2006)


Eskaliev Mukhtar Zaynutdinovich

Ph. D., Associate Professor of KazAST, Head of the Department (2011-2012)


Presnyakov Igor Nikolaevich

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor of KazAST,

Head of the Department(2012 -2018)


Zaurenbekov Bauyrzhan Zaurenbekovich Doctor PhD

Head of the Department from 2018 to 2019

 12344326 Natalia Egonovna Kefer, Associate

Professor of KazAST,


ZMS of the Republic of Kazakhstan Head of the

Department from 2020 to the present

The department has always maintained high requirements for the selection of teaching staff, so currently the head of the department of the MSMC of the USSR, ZMSRK, associate Professor KazAST Kefer N.E., PhD, Zaurenbekov B.Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor KazAST Eskaliev M.Z., D.B.N., K.B.N., Professor, ZTRK Hwang M.U., PhD, Professor KazAST Presnyakov I.N., PhD, Professor KazAST Duskaeva N.S., ZTRK Andreyushkin I.L., PhD Irgebaev M.I., PhD Junisbek D.N., PhD Akhmetkarim M., PhD Shankulov E.T., Moldakhan K., Iskakova A.M., senior lecturer. Abekov R.B., senior lecturer. Yusupov M.K., teacher Rakhimbekova J.S.

The Department of Sports Games for conducting training sessions and various sports events has a good material and technical base. In the main academic building there is a game hall named after Z.Jarkesheva and the Basketball Hall.


Game Hall named after Z.Jarkesheva


Basketball Hall of Fame


1235123 Zangar Asankhanovich Dzharkeshev, Professor, Master of Sports of international class. Honored Coach of the USSR, Honored Coach of Kazakhstan.
3456134 I. Goerlitz. Honored Master of Sports, champion of the Olympic Games in basketball in Barcelona, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Seoul.
95767 V. Tikhonenko. Honored Master of Sports, Olympic Games champion

and the European Basketball Championship.

856546The Institute’s national basketball team. From left to right:

  1. Kopylov, I. Dzhangirov, M. Dzhienbayev, E. Matveev, V.

Nelidov, Yu. Bukhvalov, U. Akhtaev (height 2m 34 cm).

86433 O. Krivosheeva. Honored Master of Sports, champion of the USSR and the Olympic Games.
23463 E. Chebukina. Honored Master of Sports, champion of the USSR, Europe and the Olympic Games in Seoul and silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Barcelona.
8524562 N. A. Gabchenko, Senior lecturer of the Basketball Department
212342 I. A. Gorbashov, Ph. D., Associate Professor,Honored Coach of Kazakhstan,
7425623 M. W. Hwang, PhD, Professor, Honored Coach of Kazakhstan
8657254 V. A. Kudashov, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Volleyball Department
1234435 T. Akhmedzhanov Ph. D., Associate Professor.
7356345 V. Kravchenko is an Honored Master of Sports, winner of the European Champions Cup. Twice participated in the Olympic Games, awarded gold and silver Olympic medals
73562345 October Jarylkapov, Honored Coach of the USSR.
9446345 Zh.Saurambayev, ZMS, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the European Champions Cup
23452346 Vyacheslav Shapran ZMS, silver medalist and champion of the USSR, two-time winner of the European Champions Cup in volleyball.
753564 Sh. K. Yumashev., ZT SSSR., professor KazAST
12344326 Kefer Natalya Egonovna master of sports of international class of the USSR, World Champion. ZMS RK, Associate Professor KazAST

Head of the department from 2020 to present

The department trains students in the specialty “Physical culture and sports”: volleyball, basketball, handball, rugby, ice hockey, field hockey, tennis, billiards; according to the forms of training: full-time, second higher in  DLТ.

The department actively conducts research work on the problems of physical culture and sports, scientific and methodological support of sports of the highest achievements. Faculty members of the department annually participate in international scientific conferences, publish research results in the journal “Theory and Methodology of FC” and other national and international mass media publications. The research results are used to improve educational materials, courses of lectures, seminars, test and examination questions, in practical, methodological and seminar classes with students and undergraduates.