Ensuring proper technical operation of the Academy’s electronic equipment;
Maintenance and modernization of all computer equipment of the Academy;
Organization of the unified information network in the educational institution;
Providing information exchange on the basis of a unified telecommunications network integrated into the domestic and world systems;
Ensuring information security, anti-virus protection when working with existing software;
Providing computer time for the educational process and research of the Academy;
Acquisition, implementation and maintenance of modern software (together with departments) for the educational process and scientific research;
Maximum use of information technologies in the learning process in order to increase its efficiency, accessibility and quality;
Accounting and control over the use of computer time;
Participation in the organization of courses, seminars, lectures, production practices and consultations for employees of the Academy, undergraduates and students on the use of computer technology;
Providing the Academy with computer equipment and consumables;
Assistance in improving the efficiency of the Academy’s divisions through process automation.
Development, implementation and support of automation software;
Coordination of the activities of the Academy’s structural divisions on automation issues;
Improvement of the used and introduction of new methods of work organization based on the use of modern information technologies;
Solving other tasks in accordance with the goals and objectives of the academy within its competence.
Development of the academy’s website design, website software, current placement of materials on the website.