PhD in KazAST was opened in 2010, today the Academy conducts training in the specialties “Physical Culture and Sport” and “Tourism”.

In 2011, for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, PhD doctoral students reception in the specialty “Physical Culture and Sport” was held; in 2015, the first PhD doctoral students in the specialty “Tourism” was held in KazAST.

Today, the training of scientific staff in doctorate PhD is carried out in full-time form of training for 3 years.

To fulfill part of the research work, the doctoral candidates of the Academy plan to travel to the leading scientific and educational centers in Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

The PhD doctoral program is the final stage of professional education in the three-level system of specialist training “Bachelor – Master – Ph.D.”, implemented through a unified credit training system.

The goal of the PhD doctoral program is to train highly qualified scientific experts, both in the domestic and global labor markets.