Educational work of the Department of Theoretical foundations of physical culture and sports

“Theoretical foundations of physical culture and sports” the educational work of the department is carried out in accordance with the plans approved by the deans of the faculties of the Academy.

          The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in various events of the Academy. The teachers of the department take an active part in various events of the Academy. Since the department conducts theoretical, basic disciplines, thematic master classes, training seminars, meetings with sports masters and round tables are held in order to deepen knowledge of the disciplines.

           Teachers of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Physical Culture and Sports, together with activists of the Youth Affairs Committee and students, organize joint charity events by the Center for Adaptation and Support of graduates of social institutions of Almaty “Youth House”, in order to develop students’ spiritual, moral and patriotic feelings. The teaching staff also actively participates in leisure activities on the initiative of a healthy lifestyle.




10.25.23g Karaeva T.N. training on the topic in the dormitory “Development of communication skills”


Воспит.работа кафедры ТОФКиС 

24.10.23 у. Kosherbayeva G. N. “Spiritual values of modern man” (discussion)

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Kuperbaeva A.J. educational activities “socio-pedagogical problems of personality formation”.

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Meeting of the professor of the Lithuanian Sports University Rimantas Mikalauskas “Management of physical culture and sports» 31.10.23-03.11.23

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on 02.12.23, Tastanov A.Zh. together with the Department of Athletics, Winter and complex technical sports, an educational event dedicated to the Day “December 16, 1986” was held.

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The event organized by Ganibaev N., Tazabek E. on December 16, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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The staff of the department celebrates the great day of the ulus – Nauryz.

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Baltina A. S. is the winner of the main prize for the dress code at the Nauryz holiday.

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Belegova A. A. 10/12/2023. Silver medalist of the 2019 World Freestyle Wrestling Championship, two-time Asian champion (2019-2021)) Meeting “The Path of Victory” with Kaipanov Nurkozha Aralbekovich.

Воспит.работа кафедры ТОФКиС (8)

02.14.2024 Kurmankulova K. A. Meeting with honored coach of the national team of Kazakhstan Ospanov Zhanabai Seisenovich

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Meeting with Olympic champion (2012), winner of the Barker Cup (2012), two-time world champion (2005, 2007), winner of silver (2011) and bronze (2009) medals Serik Zhumagalievich Sapiev.

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27.10.23 G. Brimkulova A.D. On the “Open doors” Day of the Republican library for blind and visually impaired citizens of Almaty with 2nd year students.

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 My pride in the profession is a group competition. Brimkulova A.D. with second year students

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01.02.24 G. Kuperbaeva A. Zh., Karaeva T. N. at the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the inclusive school, which opened under the leadership of the “Academy of the Teacher” in Almaty

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October 1 is an event dedicated to the International Day of the Elderly.

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Kopzhanov G. B., Brimkulova A.D. inclusive concert “Endless world-endless art”

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