Educational work Department of Sports Games

The main task of modern education is not only education, but also the formation of a socially active, professionally competent personality with high intelligence, civic and moral principles, a developed sense of patriotism, deep respect for state symbols, the historical past and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.     Educational work is carried out according to the approved plan of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism.

The whole process of studying at the department with students is educational in nature. Various methods of influencing students are used: individual work, group conversations, meetings with parents and coaches. Special attention is paid to such areas of educational work as

  • Moral, spiritual and aesthetic education
  • Development of the state language
  • Legal and patriotic education
  • Introduction to the basics of national education
  • Improving religious literacy among students and measures to prevent extremism and corruption
  • Formation of a healthy lifestyle and work education
  • Socio-cultural direction.

The specifics of studying at the academy encourage students to travel to competitions in various countries, where they get acquainted with the culture and customs of the peoples living there.

Traditional educational activities have become:

  1. meetings with first-year students in order to familiarize them with the traditions of the academy, the department, requirements for students, the training program, rules of conduct and safety, as well as meetings with members of national teams in football, rugby and ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, where students are explained the conditions for providing an individual training schedule, the rules of delivery debts, receiving individual assignments, working on subjects.
  2. Weekly advisory hours on various topics – “Youth against drug addiction”, “Crossing religious extremism”, “Day of Legal Knowledge” and others.
  3. Active participation of teaching staff and students of the department in cultural events held within the walls of the Academy.
  4. The special care of the teaching staff is aimed at the accommodation of students in student dormitories. The system is on duty during the school year.
  5. Various competitions are held at the sports grounds of the academy.

6. Holding mass clean-up days.