Educational work of the Department of Winter difficult technical sports

The department conducts educational work with students in several areas. And first of all, it is the upbringing of patriotism, professionalism and culture of interethnic relations. A living example is the achievements of students of the department at the World Winter Universiade 2017 and many other international competitions of the summer and winter season 2018 – 2019. The teachers of the department conduct explanatory work on the semantic meaning of international Universiades for conducting countries and cities. The teachers of the department together with the students participate in the events held at the city and republican levels, hold meetings with sports veterans. Constant monitoring of the performance of students, members of the Olympic teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan (60% of the total) enrolled in individual graphs is carried out. Also, faculty members talk to students with the involvement of leading trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on various educational topics.


The picture shows a meeting with the Honored coach of the Kazakh SSR, a veteran of sports of Kazakhstan Semenov Pavel Georgievich.

Students of the department with the  teachers held training sessions in skiing at the ski base of the Academy «Kaimar» on November. 2018.

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