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Four reasons for admission to study at KazAST:

  1. Sport and tourism – this is the whole world!
  2. You want to know the world – go to KazAST and travel around the world!
  3. Our production practice around the world!
  4. The highest value in the world is human life. We will teach to live happily ever after!



If you want to get a high-quality education and achieve professional success in the field of physical culture, sports, tourism, restaurant business and hotel business, go to the KAZAKH ACADEMY OF SPORTS AND TOURISM, which in 2015 was recognized by the International University Sport Federation (FISU) as “The Best University of Peace “.

KazAst carries out continuous education: college-bachelor’s-master’s degree-doctoral PhD. We have a highly qualified faculty, experienced pedagogical trainers, well-known researchers in the field of sports and tourism. The Academy has research institutes for sports and tourism. The Academy has concluded 58 international agreements on cooperation with partner universities from 32 countries.

Students of KazAST have a unique opportunity to expand the boundaries of employment by studying the specialty “Organization of physical training and sports” at the military department.

Our sports facilities: halls of sports games, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, weightlifting and fitness, swimming pool, football fields, climbing wall, hotel, a ski base in Talgar district, water sports base on Kapchagai opened their doors wide for students of KazAST.



Training is conducted on new educational programs:


1. Physical culture and sports of higher achievements.   4. Physical culture. Security activity.
2. Physical culture and sports psychology.   5. Physical education. Sports management.
3. Physical culture. Health management.   6. Physical culture and sports journalism.


Faculty of Olympic Sports (FOS) tel .: +7 (727) 292-24-21

Specializations: basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, rugby, football, hockey, biathlon, cycling, billiards, fencing, speed skating, skiing, figure skating, shooting, athletics, exercise therapy and massage, swimming, sports and rhythmic gymnastics , Sports acrobatics, fitness.

Faculty of Professional Sports and Combat Sports (FPSiE) tel .: +7 (727) 292-78-29

Specializations: қазаү күресі, тоқұызқұмалақ, бүрітші, equestrian sport, aikido, kickboxing, karate, sports wushu, taekwondo, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, sambo, boxing, weightlifting, hand-to-hand fighting, armrestling, mas-wrestling, Thai boxing.


Specialty: 5В090200 – “TOURISM”


Training is conducted on new educational programs:

  1. International tourism: tourism and business.
  2. Sports and health tourism.
  3. Restaurant business and hotel business.


KazAST provides an opportunity for young and talented people wishing to connect their further life with the tourism industry, to open their own restaurant or hotel.

Students of the Faculty of Tourism have the opportunity to pass international practice in the far and near abroad, in restaurants and hotels in Almaty.

Faculty of Tourism (FT) tel .: +7 (727) 292-14-81



Postgraduate education in KazAST is aimed at the training of personnel with the award of the degree “Master” in the specialties 6M010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport” and 6M090200 – “Tourism” in two areas of training: profile; Scientific and pedagogical.

The profile magistracy implements educational programs for the training of management personnel for the education and service sectors with in-depth training. Within the framework of its educational program, the “Higher School of Trainers” was opened.

The term of study is 1 year.


The scientific and pedagogical direction of the magistracy realizes the educational programs of postgraduate education in the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the scientific sphere, which have in-depth scientific and pedagogical preparation.

The term of study is 2 years.


Postgraduate education is aimed at training personnel with the award of a Ph.D. in specialties 6D010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport” and 6D090200 – “Tourism”.

The term of study is 3 years.


For admission to the specialty 5B010800 – “Physical Culture and Sports” it is necessary to pass: the history of Kazakhstan and reading literacy. On the basis of KazAST, 2 creative examinations are held instead of profile subjects: general physical training (OFP) and specialization (selected sport).

When entering the specialty 5В090200 – Tourism, 5В091200 – Restaurant business and hotel business, they rent the first unit: the history of Kazakhstan, mathematical literacy and literacy of reading, the second block – profile subjects: geography and a foreign language.

Graduates of colleges entering the shortened form of studies take:

On specialty 5B010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport” – general discipline (Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Psychology) and profiling discipline (creative exam).

On the specialty 5B010800 – “Physical Culture and Sport” enrollment is made according to the results of UNT or complex testing (CT) and creative examinations (FC & S).

On the specialty 5B090200 – “Tourism” – general disciplines (geography) and profiling discipline (Organization of tourist activities).

On specialty 5B091200 – “Restaurant business and hotel business” – general disciplines (History of Kazakhstan) and profiling discipline (Organization of service in restaurants and hotel facilities).

On the specialty 5B090200 – “Tourism”, 5В091200 – “Restaurant business and hotel business” crediting is made according to the results of UNT or complex testing (CT).

List of documents to be submitted to the admissions office:

  1. Document of education (original)
  2. The certificate of UNT or complex testing (CT)
  3. Medical certificate (form 086-U)
  4. Fluorography (original image)
  5. Copy of the identity card – 6 pcs.
  6. Photos 3×4 – 8 pcs.
  7. Diplomas of international and republican competitions.


Receiving applications for CT and

for creative specialties

June 1 – June 20

June 20 – July 7

Creative exam July 8-13
Comprehensive testing (CT) of applicants July 17-23
Reception of applications for the competition on awarding educational grants from June 1 – August 28
Reception of applications for postgraduate education July 10-30
Acceptance of applications for repeated Comprehensive Testing (CT) 1-8 August
Repeated Comprehensive Testing (CT) August 19-24
Enrollment in higher education institutions 10 to 28 August


Our address:

050022, Almaty, Abay avenue 85/105

Tel.: +7(727)292-38-21